Home Ownership

Home Ownership

There are many steps to go through before getting the keys to your new home. The biggest challenge these days is getting approved for a mortgage. Typically, most buyers visit their bank however in todays changing environment, mortgage brokers have more options to help consumers secure their mortgage. Let’s look at why more buyers are visiting brokers instead of a bank.

Lender Options

As the cost of home ownership continues to rise, buyers are looking for ways to save money and be approved. Bank representatives can only offer their clients the rates and services by their company. On the other hand, mortgage brokers do not work for any one lender. We have over 30 options to help secure a mortgage for you. Having more options to secure financing gives you the buyer a better chance of achieving home ownership.

Greater Knowledge of the Industry

Banks provide many different services to clients such as loans, credit card offerings, investments and mortgages. While knowledgeable, their expertise is limited to their banks services, policies, and loan structures.

We specialize in just mortgages, so we have superior knowledge of the industry as a whole. Having the knowledge of many lenders offerings, policies and structures helps offer you more mortgage products to assist in achieving a mortgage approval.

We Work for You

A bank primarily works for itself, not its customers. The services are based on the institutions gains, not the clients. This is why banks continually report billions in profit each quarter.

I work for my client’s best interests. I review your short term and long-term goals, then help find you a suitable mortgage. I will go through all the pros and cons and answer your questions, so you have a clear understanding of the mortgage and the lender.

Buying real estate is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Struggling to find the right lender can add unnecessary stress. Whether you are buying or refinancing, using the help of a mortgage broker can relieve the stress and make the experience a pleasant one. Research Edmonton Mortgage brokers, read reviews and ask for recommendations from friends and family.

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