Mortgage Tailors?

Who is the broker behind Mortgage Tailors?

Eva Neufeld began her career as a mortgage associate for Discount Mortgage Canada back in 2001. She quickly moved up the ladder to regional director and quickly realized it was time to move on and form her own company, that is where Mortgage Tailors comes in.

I wanted to not only help my clients buy homes but wanted a team that was highly trained, knew their mortgage products, lender rules and serviced not only clients but realtor partners and lenders with proficiency.

With the belief that everyone has the right to be a home owner, they just don’t know the steps to get there inspired he to write and publish a book back in 2016.

“The Home Buyers Handbook” The Insider’s Guide to Saving Money & Eliminating Risks when Buying a New Home. You can access your free copy by visiting

Eva works with all different types lot of clients. Triple A clients, investors, commercial clients or clients who have been turned down by their banks. If you’re committed to buying a home, she will create a plan for you to get there, you just have to follow it.

Mortgage Brokers represent you, the client. With a wide array of financing options available, shopping for a mortgage can be very intimidating. Why not work with someone who helps you find the best mortgage product suited for your needs. We are trained professionals who not only help you save money today but down the road.

Why not get 18 years of experience working for you? With all the rule changes that have occurred, it’s not just about the best rate, but getting expert advice and most importantly getting Approved!

Contact Eva Neufeld, one of Three BestRated Mortgage Brokers today! (780) 244-0505 or

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